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EOC announces Year 3 of eLearning

Tue, 06/02/2020

Year 3 of eLearning pilot program includes 27 new school districts and 16 readiness district

Columbia, SC – Today, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) announced that 27 additional school districts have been approved to use eLearning days for school make-up days during the next school year, bringing the total of districts to 42. Additionally, 16 school districts are entering the program as Readiness Districts, interested school districts who are still building the capacity necessary for full implementation of eLearning. 

The pilot project, which is entering into Year 3, examines the use of eLearning when schools are forced to close (or separate students from the physical space) for short periods of time, in cases of inclement weather, utility emergencies, out of school suspension or student illness. This year, the EOC is collaborating with the SC Department of Education given the work that the SCDE has done with districts and schools due to the closure of schools in March. SCDE staff has assisted the EOC in choosing the eLearning districts. Both agencies will be providing support and coordinating technical assistance to Year 3 and Readiness Districts.

“The work that has been done over the last two years in the eLearning districts provided a critical foundation for policymakers as all educators and students have adjusted to teaching and learning outside of schools,” stated Matthew Ferguson, EOC Executive Director. “We look forward to working with other practitioners to make certain that technology, infrastructure and personnel exist in every district so that all SC students can have access to quality online learning whenever necessary.” 

The list of eLearning districts is listed below by year of approval. Note that schools within the SC Public Charter School District and the Charter Institute of Erskine are pending approval for Year 3. 

Year 1 Districts

Anderson 5



Spartanburg 1

Spartanburg 7


Year 2 Districts

Anderson 1

Anderson 2

Anderson 3


Florence 1


Lexington 2

Lexington 3

York 2

York 3


Year 3 Districts

Anderson 4

Barnwell 45







Dorchester 2


Florence 2

Florence 3


Greenwood 50

Greenwood 51



Laurens 56

Lexington 1

Lexington 4

Lexington/Rich. 5


Richland 1

Richland 2

Spartanburg 3

Spartanburg 5

Spartanburg 6


Readiness Districts


Barnwell 19

Barnwell 29

Clarendon 1

Clarendon 2

Dillon 4

Dorchester 4





Spartanburg 2

Spartanburg 4



York 4


For the 2020-21 school year, Year 1 and Year 2 Districts will provide direct support and assistance to the Year 3 and Readiness Districts. Additional partners in this work are SC ETV and the State Library.

The SC Education Oversight Committee is an independent, non-partisan group made up of 18 educators, business persons, and elected leaders. Created in 1998, the committee is dedicated to reporting facts, measuring change, and promoting progress within South Carolina’s education system.