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Information for Educators

Documents produced in 2021

Accountability Recommendations for School Year 2021-22 adopted by EOC on December 13, 2021 


Documents produced in 2020

2019-20 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards (published July 31, 2020) 


Documents produced in 2019

2018-19 Accountability Manual, for the Report Cards to be published in October 2019, published on May 31, 2019, revised 7/25/2019 (PDF) 

Addendum to the Accountability Manual (Student Progress indicator, (PDF published September 27, 2019) 

Industry Certifications approved by the EOC for use in the accountability system (April 2019) 


Documents produced in 2018

2017-18 Accountability Manual: for the Annual School and District Report Card System for SC Public Schools and Districts to be published November 2018 (PDF)

Accountability Manual Addendum, published November 28, 2018 (PDF)

Guide to the 2018 SC School Report Cards (PDF)

Guide to the 2018 SC School Report Cards, published in Spanish (PDF)

Documents produced in 2017

Summary of decisions made by EOC on December 11, 2017 (PDF)

Definition of "work-based learning experiences" in the state accountability system (PDF)

Clarifications of misconceptions about the Accountability System recommendations approved on September 15, 2017 by the EOC (PDF)

Proposal adopted by subcommittees on August 16, 2017 for target percentages impacting ONLY the Academic Achievement Indicator (PDF)
(impacting elementary, middle, and high schools) 

Special Schools Ratings Criteria (PDF)
(adopted by the EOC on June 12, 2017)

SC Assessment Evaluation, Report #1 (PDF)
(adopted by the EOC on June 12, 2017)

Recommendations for consolidated accountability system (PDF)
(adopted by the EOC on June 17, 2017)

Sample Elementary Report Card "Landing Page" (PDF)
(adopted by the EOC on June 17, 2017)

Report of SC School and District Report Card Regional Focus Groups (PDF)
(adopted by the EOC in April 2016)